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12 TOP Tools Every Online Business Need To Use In 2017

About the author, Lisa Albertson

Lisa Albertson is a writer with extensive knowledge on internet marketing strategies and tools available on the internet today.

By John Lopez 


Let’s be honest, if you don’t have an online presence today, you are still living in the stone age, and you are definitely leaving money on the table.

Now the question is... "What are the necessary tools you need to have a presence online and begin getting results?"

In this article, we will look at the tools the top marketers are using to have a strong presence online, generate more leads, and maximize their profits.

1. Website Builder

When it comes to creating a presence online, nothing like having your own domain (a place where you can send people to get more information about your business).

There are hundreds, if not thousands of solutions online that helps you create a website today.

In our experience, the EASIEST way for you to build website is through a Drag’n Drop Site Builder.

This tech allows anyone to be able to create a website in minutes without needing a web developer, or any experience with code.

2. Sales Funnels

If you are new to doing business online, this might be the first time you hear about having a Sales Funnel. Don't feel bad... this term has only been used for the past few years to describe the process a client goes through, from the time he first hears about your solution, all the way to the place of purchase.

This is such an efficient method when it comes to making sales online, that some people choose to have a Sales Funnel before considering creating a website.

With the BuilderAll ​platform you can have access to hundreds of "already made, plug'n play" Sales Funnel.

3. Autoresponder

You know how important it is to create a list of potential buyers that at some point you interacted with in the past.

An autoresponder is a critical part of your business. The idea of presenting a solution to people in exchange for their contact information, and then later be able to follow up with them on "autopilot" with more information on the reason why they should buy your solution.

These are the "must have tools" if you are looking at making money online and be able to create a sustainable income.

Additionally, there are tools that will help you enhance your brand/presence by interacting with your prospect in different ways.

4. Automated Videos

You might have seen sales videos with screen animation that engages the viewer through a presentation with information about a product.

Having a tool that creates automated videos, and where you can edit on the fly can be a very profitable solution for your business.

The reason is simple, people rather sit and watch a presentation than read a post where they need to be fully engaged in order to understand what's been presented.

5. Floating Video Creator

In an effort to always innovate, people are always creating tools that will engage people when they visit their site and capture their information.

The floating video tool is a tool where you can create a video and add it to a page of your site that will start playing when people visit your page.

This method has been proven to work very well especially when you add a person that talks to the site visitor.

6. Design Studio Mock-Ups

If you are looking to wow your prospects, nothing like having amazing design work, especially when you show them ways that your solution can be implemented.

The use of mock-ups, like on computer monitors, eBooks, products, etc... increase the perceived value of your product. With BuilderAll you can get access to a tool like this for no additional cost.

7. Click/Heat Map

After you have created your website, and have finished designing your sales pages, it's critical that you monitor your visitor's behavior to see where you can improve.

Some people might be clicking on a button that might not be working, or they might be dropping off your site at a particular section of your page.

The Click/Heat Map tool helps you track where people are clicking, so you know what's working, and what's not working.

(You can get access to this tool HERE)​​​​​​​

Here are additional tools that we find important to include in this post so you decide whether or not to use in your business.

8. Presentation Builder

This can be a very helpful if you are doing a presentation to clients, or potential buyers. Having a presentation that's online, and available to anyone is great!

9. SEO On-Page Optimization Tool

If you are producing quality content and are looking to rank this content on search engines, you will need a tool that analyzes and suggests improvements to increase your chances to rank.

10. Facebook Integration Tools

Facebook is the biggest Social Media Platform today. Having tools that integrate your websites, sales pages, apps, to the Facebook platform can mean thousands of new visitors to your site.

11. Browser Notification Tool

This tool emerged online not too long ago. Used correctly can be more effective than an autoresponder. This is the type of notification that people first allow to receive from you, and then later you can send it on autopilot. People maybe browsing another site and they would still see your notification.

12. APP Creator Tool

Most people access the internet through their phone. Having an app that represents your business can be a way to engage with people that are always on their phone.

Having an APP creator tool can help you design all sorts of different solutions to engage with your potential client.

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